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  Gangjin Celadon Festival (07.30.2011 ~ 08.07.2011)  
  Writer | 관리자   Category |   Date | 2011.03.28   Read | 12526  
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Period : 07.30.2011 ~ 08.07.2011 

Location : Jeollanam-do Ganjin-gun Daegu-myeon Goryeo Celadon Porcelain Kiln


From the 10th to the 14th century Gangjin was a flourishing celadon production site.
Today, 16 kilns remain active and during the Gangjin Celadon Cultural festival, visitors can see how celadon is baked and even make their own pottery.
Near the venue, there are natural wild flower fields, which make for a great photo spot. 

* Agricultural Experience Program : natural ecology learning, balsam nail polishing, short-necked clam digging, oxcart train trip, folk experience reminding of parents (straw craft work), Gangjin Broken Farm Machine Robot Experience…etc

* Celadon Experience Program : shaping celadon and coiling, standing spinning wheel experience, earthquake celadon time-capsule to the future, firing firewood kiln, printing celadon figure, celadon rubbed copy experience, celadon mosaic fragments experience…etc
Admission/Participation Fees : 7,000 won 
Additional Events
experience celadon scene, Goryeo celadon mystery sound tunnel, oxcart train trip ,experience King of Goryeo Dynasty, Goryeo celadon pattern rubbed copy and sculpture, oversize Korean paper celadon and exhibitions
From Seoul Central City Terminal, take the bus for Gangjin (7:30am ~ 5:40pm, departs every 2hr/ est. travel time 5hr).
From Gangjin terminal, take the local bus (in the direction of Daegu) or a free shuttle bus (takes 50 minutes) to the venue. 
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