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Weekend Activities
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Seoul Fortress Walls
The Seoul Fortress is one of the oldest castle walls in the world. The walls were built in 1396 during the reign of King Taejo, the founder of the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910). The walls of the Seoul Fortress were built along the ridges of the four mountains surrounding downtown Seoul, Bugaksan, Inwangsan, Naksan and Namsan. These walls are preserved in their original condition. It is a popular tourist spot for domestic and international travelers.
Boryeong Mud Festival
“Boryeong Mud Festival has been held at Daecheon swimming beach. There is a unique shell-powered sandy beach and it [is] only found in Eastern countries. During the festival period, you may enjoy swimming and massage with a mudpack at the same time. There are many events such as mud wrestling, mud king contest, mud fireworks fantasy and mud sliding.” Boryeong Mud Festival website (http://www.mudfestival.or.kr/)


*These above activities are subject to change.

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