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Sample Syllabus
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Language Class intermediate 1 Sogang Korean Immersion Program  
Outline of the course

This course is for those who have completed the Korean beginners’ course level 3 or equivalent.  Students learn linguistic skills to improve their conversational fluency. Following an integrated teaching methodology, the course is planned to target the application of studied grammar and expressions in various forms. The conversational skills required to adapt to both formal and casual social environments are effectively obtained in this course. 

Objective of the course

The objective of this course is to study grammar and expressions for use in various different situations so that learners can live in Korean society without any great inconvenience caused by the language barrier.  By studying extensive conversational forms upgraded from sentence units, students learn to understand connective sentence structures and complete writing tasks for conversational texts.  Through practice of various forms of speech including low form, formal or honorific use of language for different situations, proper speech strategy is applied to different listeners.  Students learn the necessary strategies for proper communication by studying how to express worries, describe behavior/appearance, make guesses and talk about experiences, and they also learn how to decide speech type according to one's relations with the listener through practice activities such as how to give advice, make excuses, ask for help, make suggestions and promises. 

Introduction of syllabus and time schedule
  Unit Objective Task
1 1 Orientation & Placement
2 Unit 1 Learn various expressions to describe people or places, how to introduce one's friends to others. Introduce famous people or places to a friend
3 Talk about impressive holiday places and describe them in writing, using various expressions learned in speaking sessions
4 Unit 2 Learn necessary grammar to express one's guesses, and study various vocabulary that can suggest the reason or background to an event that is happening now or is in the past Guess the background or reason for a given situation
5 After reading about a given situation, talk about it with a friend, guessing the background, and describe it in writing
2 6 1-2 Review & Quiz(1)
7 Unit 3 Suggest a weekend plan to a friend using low form speech, and learn various expressions about making a detailed appointment Plan a party with a friend in low form speech
8 Listen to a conversation with friends, talking about not having luck and understanding what reasons they provide. After the listening activity, think about similar experience of one's own and express in writing
9 Unit 4 Learn various expressions to introduce family members. Explain the characteristics of each and compare their pasts and presents when introducing Introduce family members to friends with a family photo
10 Based on the expressions learned in the speaking sessions, introduce family members and relatives to friends, and express the same in writing
3 11 3-4 Review & Quiz(2)
12 Unit 5 Listen to a friend who says his health is poor and understand related expressions. Learn how to give careful advice about health to a friend Give advice when a friend asks for help
13 Read an email from a friend who says he has worries, and reply with advice
14 Unit 6 Understand necessary grammar structure to talk about past experiences and learn various expressions for one’s special experiences in the past Talk about special travel experiences that one remembers
15 Talk about one’s own travel experiences and recommend a place to friends. Write a travelogue
4 16 5-6 Review & Quiz(3)
17 Unit 8 Learn about formal honorific language and learn vocabulary for how to introduce oneself and one's abilities using honorific language Practice mock job interview
18 Practice mock job interview with a friend, learn the format of self-introduction, and write one’s own self-introduction
19 Unit 9 Learn necessary grammar structure and related expressions to be able to talk about past experiences and their influence on life plans Make a presentation on life and future plans
20 Listen to the life story of a friend and find out when he/she was the happiest, unhappiest and how those moments influenced his/her life plans.  Based on the expressions learned in the listening sessions, write one's own story and make a presentation
5   21 8-9 Review & Quiz(4)
22 Speaking/Interview Test
23 Term End Presentation and Graduation

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