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Program Introduction
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KLEC (Korean Language Education Center)

With the goal of making Korean language and culture more widely known throughout the world, Sogang University Korean Language Education Center was established in 1990. Since then, roughly 30,000 foreigners have studied Korean language and culture through this center. Presently, about 4,000 students are enrolled in Sogang University Korean Language Education Center each year.

The Distinguishing Features of Sogang University's Korean Language Education Center
A Focus on Speaking
Sogang University Korean Language Education Center differs from other Korean language programs by refusing to make grammar the focus of class. Instead, we focus on speaking. To that end, out of the four hours of daily instruction, two are devoted to speaking.

Due to the importance of understanding different peoples and cultures, we have set up a system of learning essential for students who wish to meet many people and accustom themselves to Korea.

A total of twenty books (12 student books and 12 workbooks from levels 1 to 6) have been developed and published to meet the needs of classes that are centered around speaking. Also, a variety of supplementary textbooks that can be used in conjunction with the already available textbooks. By making use of textbooks that stimulate the visual and aural senses through video and other media, instructors can teach Korean in an authentic manner. Furthermore, teaching materials are updated annually.

Focus on the Student

We regard the student as the focus of the class, not the teacher. Accordingly, during class the instructor plays the role of a facilitator in encouraging students to express themselves through conversation.

We always consider the interests and demands of our students, from the production of our curriculum to the time in the classroom. 

If students wish to learn about a certain subject, such as Korean music or "Hanja" (Chinese characters used in Korean Language), we will develop a course around that subject.

Superior Instructors

At Sogang University Korean Language Education Center, there are about seventy full time teachers. They fulfill a crucial role in teaching Korean; their senses of responsibility and their enthusiasm are very high. All teachers have distinguishing achievements in their respective fields of either Korean language or general Korean studies. Through regular meetings and workshops, they keep in touch with the latest classroom instruction methods.

Korean Immersion Program

The Korean Immersion Program is a four-week program designed for students who would like to improve their conversational Korean skills and their knowledge of Korean culture.

The Korean Immersion Program runs from June to July with 30 hours of class per week.

Features Summary
6 credit program
4 weeks (June 29, 2020 - July 24, 2020)
6 hours per day, Mon-Fri (Total 120 hrs)
4 hour language classes (morning) and 2 hour culture classes (afternoon) each day
Average class size of 12 (Max. 16)
Level 1 ~ Level 5
Out-of-class activities on campus and in Seoul (Some activities may require an extra fee)
A two-day field trip
Target : high school graduates (including 2020's), university students, adults

  Active participation is required because the classes are designed as an interactive immersion program.


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